Scorers Lane Development Update

Following approval from Durham County Councillors last year, the housing development on Scorers Lane is currently on hold while negotiations take place on the affordable housing provisions in the development.

15% of the proposed development is set- aside for affordable homes. Once the development does go ahead, it will result in some much needed investment into our communities, including:

  • Almost £150,000 towards the provision of secondary school places in Chester-le-Street
  • Over £55,000 towards the provision of or improvements to, open space and recreation within Great Lumley and the surrounding villages
  • £50,000 towards improving or replacing the community centre

Some preparatory work has begun in advance of construction, including the netting of bushes on Scorers Lane, to prevent birds nesting there – which could delay access to the site.

Some concerns remain regarding traffic and safety issues along Scorers Lane, especially with the road featuring a high speed limit and poor visibility, which will be exacerbated by the increase in traffic. Michael and the Chester-le-Street Lib Dems will be working hard to request much needed improvements to this road.

"While the new development will bring some much needed investment to Great Lumley and the surrounding villages, key concerns such as road safety on Scorers Lane, have not been adequately addressed." said Michael Peacock, Community Campaigner. " I will be asking the council to do more to improve the road to make it safer for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists."

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